Black Bear 37 x 12.5 R17 131Q All Terrain

Black Bear 37 x 12.5 R17 131Q All Terrain

Strong and durable yet very quiet, this tyre has a smooth and
controlled ride for on and off road conditions.
The 3 Ply sidewall provides tread with strong rear resistance,
and at the same time gives the tyre good grip in wet and snowy

It insures to be worthy of the name, “All Terrain”!

Black Bear 37 x 12.5 R17 131Q All Terrain

ISUZU Black Bear 37 x 12.5 R17 131Q All Terrain

ATW have developed a single wheel conversion that is a simple yet extremely effective way to improve the ride, look and handling characteristics of a 4×4 truck. From factory all 4×4 light truck manufacturers have dual rear wheels fitted. This means you have 4 tyres on the rear axle and 2 tyres on the front. This is not ideal when traversing through sand, mud and rocky environments.

To enhance the truck’s capabilities on and off-road, the ATW single wheel conversion replaces the OEM wheels with ATW rims and tyres which are larger in diameter, wider in width and have a larger load capacity. The wheels align front to rear and follow the same track for easier and safer driving in sand, mud and snow.

ATW now have full engineering approval for our 17 x 9-inch steel rims, these are fitted with a 37” tyres which significantly improves the ride. The 17-inch rim approvals are for 2008 – to current Isuzu NPS. New unregistered vehicles are covered under the second stage of manufacture. Registered vehicles require a D3 and E3 modification plate which is issued by an engineer.

The 17 x 12.5-inch or 13.5-inch tyres are load rated at 1950kg (10 – 12 ply) and the rims come matching in gloss black. Please note the GVM is reduced to 7000kg due to the load rating of the tyres.

Price $500 + GST

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